1. C.S. Rammohan Rao, Uniform Civil Code a True Reasoning and Common Belief-An Analysis1. Dr. Devath Suresh, Musical Instruments of Lambadi (Bhat & Dhadi) Tribes in Telangana A Study

2. 2. Devath Suresh, Hindu Temples Destruction by the Aurangazeb in India – A Study

3. Dr. Bollam Tirupathi, Social Media is ther3. C. Srinivasa Raju, Ancient Higher Educational Institutions in India – A Studye to Stay An Empirical Study

4. Dr. Narsingh Naik Lavudya, Telugu Linguistic Minorities in Tamil Speaking 4. Abdul Rahman Siddiqui and Kirti Thakre, Strategies to Develop Slow Learners – A StudyA Stud4. Abdul Rahman Siddiqui and Kirti Thakre, Strategies to Develop Slow Learners – A Studyy

5. V. Rajender, Free Electricity Policy in Telangana State – An Ovservations5. Kancha Prasad, Juvenile Justice System in India A Study With Reference to Functioning of Child Institutions in Telangana State

6. Suneetha, Role of Students in Telangana Movement A6. Gughulothu Venkateshwarlu, Ancient Hindu Devotional Places in Telangana State – A Study Study

7. Swapna, Ch. AASARA Scheme – A Detailed Study about Implementation of AASARA Scheme under Greater Warangal7. Sandeep Reddy, N., Reforms in Higher Education – A Study of Education Policy 2020 Municipal Corporation

8. Kursam Ravi, Tribal Feestivals in Telangana – Medaram Sammakka Saralamma Festival – A Study8. Demudu Naidu, D., Implementation of MGNREGS in Telangana State A Study

9. M. Anitha and J. Lalitha, Problem-Solving Steps, Techniques and Models – A Study9. Ravindhar Kumbam, Brand Building of Organization with Corporate Social Responsibility